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Here at Mt. Rose you can expect Faithful teaching, preaching and understanding of God’s Word, so you can grow. There are programs such as Church In Action (CIA), designed to minister to the unique needs of each family member, i.e (Children, Youth, Men and Women).


All members are expected to regularly and obediently expose oneself to the Word of God so that the Spirit of God can produce the process of spiritual maturity in your life. The responsibility to share your resources with The Lord and His Church. Each member is responsible for the building of quality Christian relationships.


Christian baptism is the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It’s an act of loving obedience to the explicit command of our Lord, and it’s a public testimony of one’s faith in Jesus Christ.

Baptism is held following the 8:00 AM service on the 1st Sunday of each month.


“Love one another as I have loved you”

“In all your getting get an understanding”

“He that putteth his had to the plow and looks back…. is not fit for the kingdom”

Our Vision

SEEK to secure the salvation of sinners
AFFIRM the faith of the saints
GLORIFY our gifts as revealed by the Holy Spirit
SEEK to administer meaningful ministry


As Jesus Christ works in and through us to fulfill our mission and pursue our vision, we expect to see results in three areas:

Community Transformation – The transformation of local neighborhoods and communities.

New Church Formation – The formation of new congregations and churches

Next Generation Empowerment – The intentional empowering of the next generation to carry out the mission of making disciples of all nations

FBI: Family Bible Institute

The In-Depth Study of the Word of God

Our goal for Family Bible Institute is to help believers become fully devoted followers of Christ and to allow God’s Word to inspire them to love, learn and lead.

"My Bishop has taught me one of the greatest lessons on how to live. He's encouraged me to read the word of God for myself and not rely on anyone else. Bishop Thomas has shown me how to develop my own relationship with God."

Estella Marie Davis

"I absolutely love this church. The members helped me through my membership transition by their love and support. I can't say enough about my Bishop who has taught me to be obedient in God's calling on my life as Husband, Father and Man of God."

Roderick Chambers