The year was 1892 and Rev. Gordon with four members present in a three room house on Taylor Street organized the Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church. It was reorganized by the late Rev. A.H. Smith succeeded Rev. A. H. Gilmore, and under his administration a structure was erected in 1910 at St. Louis and Crowdus Streets, which represented a landmark in the City of Dallas.

Past Pastors

Mt. Rose went on to be blessed with many state and nationally known ministers, each leaving us with a great heritage.

Rev. AA Banks, Sr.

Rev. Spriggs

Rev. JC Lott

Rev. HB Southern

Rev. GH George

Rev. Howard

Rev. Noah Taylor

Rev. JB Willis

Rev. R.B Cannon

Rev. JE Williams

Rev. Calvin Smith

Rev. Benny Mitchell

Living Pastors

Rev. Richard Holmes and Rev. Denny Davis

In 1991, Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church was without a pastor…and at the recommendation of Pastor CC Robertson, the overseer of the District Association, Rev. Jeffery D. Thomas, Sr. was given the opportunity to preach. The church went on to hear numerous preachers before narrowing it down to 4 in which Rev. Jeffrey Thomas, Sr., was included and after hearing him again, in April of 1992, Rev. Jeffery Thomas, Sr. became the 18th newly elected Pastor of the Mt. Rose MBC in it’s centennial year. Under his leadership the membership grew so in November of 2004, Mt. Rose MBC relocated to 820 S. Buckner. While on S. Buckner, under the direction and guidance of the now Apostle Jesse Smith, Pastor Thomas was appointed Bishop in January of 2005 resulting in him overseeing several churches with an international presence on the Ivory Coast in South Africa and in Ghana under the leadership of Pastor Laurant Zeil.

Bishop Thomas thought he could settle in at that location, but God had a greater plan for Mt. Rose MBC and due to eminent domain laws, Pastor Thomas found himself seeking another location…and in the midst of an illness that claimed the life of his wife – the Late First Lady Karla M. Thomas, he had to direct God’s people to 7151 Fieldview Lane. Bishop has held several positions in the local, state and national conventions. Bishop grew weary with the traditional way of worship and through much prayer, he officially changed the name from the Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church to the Mt. Rose Church with this belief, if you want to know about Jesus and believe on His name, you are welcome.

The Vision for Mt. Rose